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Our Story

My name is Mladen Bohnec, Croatian, Bulgarian, German, Cosmopolitan, a man with clear goals and imagination.
I have been in the FMCG business for 15 years now. For four years, I have been working as the General Manager of Anzeka Group Ltd., which I created in 2014.
I am proud to produce and export to countries such as Romania and Germany the delicious Bulgarian dairy products, canned foods and frozen semi-prepared dishes
that are an indispensable part of the table of every family. We work with large international chains for wholesale and retail. We also help new companies to grow, to realize their business dreams. As a former part of LIDL and REWE executive boards for Europe, I witnessed that in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, brands constantly appear and disappear, and that is no news. At the same time, there are successful brands that bring a positive change in people's lives.

I bought TUXIDO from a friend a few years ago, but I like to say that it was me and my team who builded the company entirely, including our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We created a whole new branding, enhanced the trading but most importantly - we involved the young people in the conversation about sexual health. Why is that so important? Researches about sexual culture in Bulgaria are shocking and similar to what we have evidenced in Croatia, Romania and other countries on the Balkans and in South Europe. Statistics on abortions, abandoned children, people, including infants, who suffer from sexually transmitted infections and blood transfusions. Millions of lost lives - sometimes without a chance to heal, or the costs for treatment are too high. Here we are not talking about an unfortunate event, an incident, a sore wound that you can shake and say, "Go on!“.

"Very often those who suffer from STDs live in the shadows because they are ashamed of their personal experiences - illnesses, a child  abandoned, lack of support from relatives and acquaintances.  Here as well as elsewhere in the world, there is stigma. It is shameful, humiliating to speak publicly about sexual health problems. The reason is not only the lack of information about infections. Many people cannot afford the use of condoms in every sexual intercourse. Others believe that nothing changes if they risk just once. Life is an invaluable gift. I would like to help more people appreciate it. Here, I see millions of opportunities - with small separate good actions and decisions packed as condoms in inviting small boxes, we leave a trace, we create our good statistics, by showing maturity, securing intimacy and love."

At first everyone thought that I was here because of attractive business opportunities and my beautiful girlfriend, but the story goes beyond this. I fell in love with Bulgaria and  its people, with their big hearts and small joys, their worries and excitements, the folk customs and sincere hospitality, the submissive landscapes in the nature and the rich history and culture. If there were no slavery and communism,

and there was less corruption and crime, the Bulgarians would have been more satisfied with their way of life. Now that I can create meaningful products, I feel happy, more than ever, that I build my future here in Bulgaria, among so many talented, God-endowed people. Life is ours and the change depends on us.

So, why Tuxido? You may have heard that the elegant Tuxedo appears as an evening overcoat in the UK salons of the late 19th century and immediately imposes itself as a symbol of style, courage and finesse. Tuxedo was the garment of the impeccable gentleman. In our everyday life, most of us have no time to wear formal attire all the time. We are engaged in many activities, thinking about different tasks, balancing between the busy working day and our personal lives. 

We steal moments of unrequited romance and love.

We produce condoms that ensure accessible quality and help people remove any barriers between each other. That's why we decided to call ourselves Tuxido - a teaser in the name, impeccable in terms of quality, friendly to all people who think they should be perfect in order to enjoy good sex and live their sexual fantasies. In fact, good sex unloads, brings joy, can be more fun than comedy and is healthy - both for the body and for the soul. When you reveal yourself, wonders begin to happen. I am convinced that Tuxido inspires such a change - in small steps, from love to humanity. And I really want to believe that the next generations will have the chance to experience the thrills of love completely free of fears and dangers for their health and future.



Mladen Bohnec
Mladen Bohnec

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