Of course we need personal attention and a hug to inspire us for the next day. Maybe even music, appropriate drink and a gentle massage. If no one has organized these for you, maybe the reason is that you are lazy and mumbling? Or your partner misses nice and well presented ideas. Have you thought that may be now is the time to take initiative and remind how to create nice moments?

Here are some options:

♥ Prepare dinner, give a signal and expect her.

♥ Take off her shoes and the tiredness of her legs, let her relax and share how the day went on.

♥ Respond. Be there ready in your joint relationship. 

♥ Defend your independence and the right to expect when you need to. Be sure, that you can find out more than the obvious in a conversation. 

♥ Express yourself in the hardest moment with power and character. Insist to do the laundry without thinking how neighbors would react.  

Nice moments do not limit here, right? How do you see TUXIDO condoms in this atmosphere?

Share more ideas for nice moments we can speak about in next blog articles.