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Is spring really such a cliché? Birds are singing, bees are buzzing and people are falling madly in love. What is the reason for “butterflies” in the stomach during spring?... Dopamine seems to be the key to our hearts in spring. This is proved by researches announced by Helen Fischer, a neuroscientist, professor at Rutgers University and author of five scientific books about love. Dopamine occurs naturally in your brain and makes you want this and that.

Many parents have been there before. You and your partner wrote to each other all day long and prepared yourselves after a long day of work for a “naughty” night together to relieve stress and to have some enjoyment. Things get hot in the bedroom. And then the baby starts crying …

 Why condoms brаke?
Before you buy condoms, make sure they are in the expiration date. Only in this way can you ensure the quality of the product. Of course, the brand and the size of the condoms are important, as well as the type - with more lubricant is always more enjoyable.

How are they stored?
Use only condoms that have not been put for weeks and months (not to say years) in drawers and pockets of jeans. In other words...