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Our sexual health expert d-r Sugar is here to listen to you and
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By d-r Sugar

We had already exchanged ideas about sexual culture with many of the passers-by, so I knew he was speaking the truth when he mentioned that his wife would kick him out, if she accidentally see our condoms in their home.

How do you explain why you have condoms, after being married for 6 years? Ilian is not the only person who thinks only brand new lovers use condoms. They often misunderstand lack of condoms as a symbol of trust between them. When both partners want to grow the relationship into a family with children, it is completely normal to stop using condoms at some point.

But Ilian had a narrative story. About a year ago, he realized that lack of satisfaction in his intimate relationship with his wife may be due to the routine and stress accumulated every day. Then Ilian decides to make a step towards the realization of the covenant sexual victory in the lives of many men - anal sex. He entered a store, grabbed a lubricant from the cashier and went excited home to seduce his own wife to meet together new horizons.

How do you explain when a new topic is introduced in a relationship that it does not necessarily mean that their relationship is lame? People are open to varying degrees of innovation, and to varying degrees use of their imagination and spontaneity to diversify sex. Ilian had a great idea, whether his wife would agree with his offer or not.

To dare to talk about sex, however, is not an easy job unless it is funny or in the context of insult, where the vocabulary of the Bulgarian is very rich. That is why the sexual experiences between our partners in our country are not discussed every day. It is the conversation on the subject, however, that can be a reason for convergence. So, what about the bold Ilian? He hid the lubricant in the bag for work and to store for an proper introduction. Only until he finds the right words to talk about it without fear of insult or guilt, for his desires, ideas, fantasies. The trouble piled up that he left the lubricant in the same bag he’s using for business trips. The same bag in which his wife searched for the phone charger that day. The rest of the story we leave up to your imagination what happened between them. Feel free to give us your imagination of the following situation or fantasy.

Bottom line is that this kind of situations shall be approached with a matter of trust and mutual respect to be able to talk about everything because the fear of infidelity is very present in a kinds of way in every connection.

Ilian chose TUXIDO and promised to use the next opportunity to speak directly with his wife, giving her the opportunity to feel his intentions and desires. The question remains about how to change our attitude so that we can participate actively in our relationship with the person closest to us without transferring responsibility to someone else. Talk and respect each others point of views and phantasies. This will create more emotional and real moments of satisfaction. Sometimes it takes time, energy and desire, but the appetite in the relationship must also be nourished.