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It is good to read articles on the subject, to expand our common culture, but it will be best if we talk frankly about it with our partner. Guys, do not be ashamed to ask. No one should expect that you know everything about the female body, soul or read her mind. Every organism is an individual universe, and it' is a great opportunity to dive into it. Girls, be honest. When you do not feel the necessary sexual drive - talk to your partner. Perhaps you need to reveal more about what really gives you pleasure, direct him, encourage him, and thus achieve a strong orgasm. If you do not know yourself, where the G point is, experiment with yourself when you are alone - learn more about your body. If you do not know yourself, how do you expect this from men?
View the previous reply. Love is an essential part of sex both for the woman and for the man. Many women live with the delusion that men should always be ready for sex, but that is not true at all. Men often engage their minds with work, household, and family issues, while for women, sometimes the transition from one environment to another is much easier as they distribute their attention more easily.
In all cases of suspicion of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, it is obligatory to consult with a health professional (doctor) and to immediately notify your sexual partner (who also has to pass med checks) and to abstain from sexual intercourse to complete healing. What we are sure of is that the herpes virus persists in the body. So use condoms, which provide the best protection.
Trickle/clap or gonorrhea is an infection caused by a bacterium called Gonococcus, which is transmitted through sexual contact. Symptoms include genital discharge in male and female, burning and pain in urination as well as painful defecation. The complaints are due to inflammation of the womb of the uterus in women, the urinary tract, the end of the intestine, and rarely the throat of men and women. The infection is by oral, anal or vaginal sexual contact. The child’s mother can transmit it during delivery. If you have any doubts about this infection - seek immediate medical attention.
Genital warts, also called venereal warts or sharp condylomas, are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. They are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are almost 40 types of HPV that men and women can transmit through sexual contact. HPV can lead to genital warts in male and female. If you have any doubts about this infection - seek immediate medical attention.
The size of the penis certainly matters when choosing a suitable condom. Like and get accustomed to your body or the body of you lover – the way it is and do not trust treatments and procedures to increase penis. They can only cause infections, wounds and other health problems, as well as make you emotionally exhausted.
There are two ways – when calm and upon erection. In the first case, simply place a ruler at the base of the penis where it meets the abdomen and the penis. To measure the penis in an erection - erect and repeat the exercise. The average length when calm is 7.5 to 10 cm. In state of erection, the size of the penis varies from 13 to 15 cm. Remember that nobody will measure your penis during sex, and sometimes the width is much more important as the penis rubs in the vagina during the act.
Congratulations! You are a cool, modern, thinking person who makes informed decisions! According to the Bulgarian legislation, the sex after 14 years is allowed. You do not need a prescription for condoms. Unless you are ashamed to have sex - do not be ashamed to buy condoms and protect yourself and your partner.
First, the consent of both parties is necessary. If one of them is under the influence of alcohol or other substances affecting the consciousness - delay for another time. If either of you feels insecure or unwilling - delay for another time. Second - play - it is exciting and will help both of you.
Some say the average duration is 11 minutes, along with the love game. The fact is, however, that this depends on the mood, the period in which the partners have abstained from sexual relationships, whether you have intimacy for the first time (sometimes the first time is short or even slightly disappointing). In all cases - relax and have fun!
YES. TUXIDO condoms are made from 100% natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.
Never use oil-based or greasy lubricants (e.g. massage oils or Vaseline) with latex condoms – they can break. Our condoms are covered with standard water-based lubricant. Whenever you use lube, first read its leaflet with specification, it has to be approved by the manufacturer for use with condoms. When using vaginal suppositories, please note the instructions for use. If you use any kind of medications (ointments, gels, etc.) in the area of the penis or vagina, ask your doctor or pharmacist of mutual compatibility of drug and condom. To use extra lubricant is good, because: - it makes using condoms more comfortable and fun - it reduces the risk of condom breaking, especially during anal sex and can be placed on the outside of male and female condoms, inside and around the vagina or anus. Currently we are developing a new line of lubricants, fully compatible with our condoms.
YES, we specifically recommend using water-based lubes.
TUXIDO condoms are dermatologically tested. If you have any allergies towards latex, you shall not use our condoms. Should any incompatibilities occur /for example, latex allergy/, please immediately contact your doctor for medical advice.
TUXIDO condoms are made from 100% natural rubber latex.
We always recommend disposing the condoms after sexual intercourse hygienically. We strongly advise NOT to flush the condom down the toilet.
In future, this would be an interesting opportunity for development to consider. Currently TUXIDO is advocating for traditional condom use by both women and men as the best prevention of sexually transmissible diseases and infections.
YES. They are written in 12 languages, including Bulgarian, English and German.
TUXIDO is on the market for 5 years now, but Mladen Bohnec bought the company in 2017 and we are actively working with a completely renewed branding and social strategy since September 2017.
Not yet, but you can find us on Facebook /Tuxido.Condoms/ and on our website
How many types of condoms are you offering? We have four types, which represent the most favorite type in each condom category: classic, extra love, dotted, ultra thin.
The first and most important thing is to use a condom. TUXIDO is a Bulgarian company that operates and pays its taxes in Bulgaria. The product is of premium quality. The price makes our condoms available. We feature a user-friendly, easy-to-open condom, that looks fresh and enjoyable.
The quality of our product gives us cause for pride. At the same time, we aim at social cause, awareness and availability.
Two condoms at the same time-either two male condoms or a male and female condom- is not a good idea as the friction may result in one or both of the condoms tearing. If you want to take extra precautions against pregnancy when having sex, and are concerned about the possibility of a condom breaking it is better to use another form of contraception. For example, using a contraceptive pill, patch, vaginal ring or IUS as well as a condom will ensure that you both have double protection against pregnancy as well as protection against STIs.
Yes. Most errors are, in fact, user errors. Some couples make mistakes like placing the condom upside down and then turning it over, taking condom off too soon, putting the condom on too late, opening the package with a sharp object and using an oil-based lubricant. Of course, the most frequent mistake is not using a condom at all.
TUXIDO condoms have latest and highest ISO standard certificates. The control includes a range of tests performed by both regulatory agencies and the condom manufacturers. These include electronic testing, the water leak test, the airburst test and the strength test, pinholes, as well as test for the effect of aging.
No, reuse of any condom is not recommended – male or female. A new condom should be used every time you have intercourse. How well do condoms help protect against HIV infection? On average, condoms use prevents 80% to 95% of HIV transmissions that would have occurred without condoms.
No. Allergy to latex is uncommon in the general population, and reports of mild allergic reactions to condoms are very rare. Severe allergic reactions to condoms are extremely rare. People who have an allergic reaction to rubber gloves or balloons may have a similar reaction to latex condoms. A mild reaction involves redness, itching, rash, or swelling of the skin that comes in contact with latex rubber. A severe reaction involves hives or rash over much of the body, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness after coming in contact with latex. Both men and women can be allergic to latex and latex condoms.
Some people find it hard to discuss their desire to use condoms with their partners. Others have difficulty persuading their partners to use condoms every time they have sex. Both men and women give reasons for not using condoms. Some do not like the way condoms can dull the sensation of sex. Sometimes reasons are based on rumors or misunderstanding. Having the facts can help the partners discuss and make informed decisions for their health. Talking First Can Help. If you talk to your partner about using condoms before you begin to have sex, this can improve the chances that your partner agrees to use condoms. Some persuasive points: - Emphasizing use of condoms for pregnancy prevention rather than STI protection. - Appealing to concern for each other—for example: “Many people have HIV infection, so we need to be careful.” - Stressing out that most often people who transmit STDs do not have visible symptoms - Taking an uncompromising stance – for example: “I cannot have sex with you unless you use a condom.” or “If you are ashamed of buying /using a condom, then maybe it is too early for this step”.


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