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Probably you know a lot about sexual health and you are expert in the bedroom.
Well, here is your chance to learn even more and perform even better. Health is all about being responsible
to your own health and that of your partner, while at the same time experiencing real delight.

When it comes to sex, there are no shameful topics. Erection is important, not only because without it sex is virtually impossible, but also because it shows good overall health. We tried to trace some of the most important delusions and facts about erection...

→ Erection and age limits
The first erections of the boy occur between 4-6 years of age. This does not mean that the child experiences eroticism. Only in puberty, when the boy matures sexually, erection is associated with sexual attraction.

The peak of potency in men occurs in the period 20-30 years, after which they begin to lose erection, smoothly, or it even turns into sexual dysfunction. Some men have a strong sexual drive and force lasts long, while others feel weak as early as at the age of 40.

→ Is Alcohol Affecting Sexual Power?
While a glass or two of red wine can relax our mind, cheer up and make us fly and forget the everyday troubles, system alcohol abuse acts on both organs and erectile function.

Drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, phenamine initially increase potency, but after several instances, they completely “turn it off”. There are as well other detrimental effects of drug use.

→ Is it dangerous to have sex when you are sick?
Some diseases can affect sexual ability and vice versa. For prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, and sclerosis of the blood vessels, lower limbs, and hormonal diseases - sex can be a challenge. The reason is in the changed blood circulation, the exchange of substances, in the general fatigue and sensitivity, etc.

Excess male sex hormones taken as tablets may also have a negative impact.
On the other hand, in depression, anxiety, overwork, which also reduce sexual power, sex can have a positive effect. More affection, love and attention from your beloved person definitely boost your self-esteem and positive mood.

→ I cannot, because I do not want to?
It happens in some boys, especially during the first sexual intercourse, to experience a sudden disappearance of the erection. This may be due to excessive excitement. Contrary to the notion that a man loses his erection only when he does not like a woman, scientists prove that the stronger the man’s desire for sex is, the more likely that his erection suddenly disappears.
Of course, this may also happen because of inappropriate remarks during sexual intercourse, concerns about other problems, and so on. Only after a series of unsuccessful sexual experience can we talk about some physiological or emotional reasons. Sometimes they can be resolved by visiting a health care professional, or the decision to quit this relationship.
It is believed that the mature man choses his partners more carefully, based on whether the desired woman influences his ability to erect.

The less you do, the more you can?
An uneven sexual life has no positive effect on erectile function. Prolonged periods of several months without sex decrease erection capacity. Over-frequent acts have a similar impact.

→ How many times is it normal?
From a healthy perspective, if you have a regular partner, 2-3 sex acts are recommended on average per week. The minimum is once every two weeks.

→ Erection and conception
Conception is linked to the production of sex hormones. The peak is at the age of 30 years. At the same time there is already, albeit a small, decline in potency. However, the ability to create life is maintained until much later in men.

Beware that low levels of sex hormones are likely to affect erection and reproduction abilities.

→ Athletes in sport and in sex?
As with anything else, a moderate workload with sports activities is beneficial to the body and potency. Excessive exercise usually leads to exhaustion, with the growth of muscles "taking away" a large amount of sex hormones, and as a result, sexual ability disappears.