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 Why condoms brаke?
Before you buy condoms, make sure they are in the expiration date. Only in this way can you ensure the quality of the product. Of course, the brand and the size of the condoms are important, as well as the type - with more lubricant is always more enjoyable.

 How are they stored?
Use only condoms that have not been put for weeks and months (not to say years) in drawers and pockets of jeans. In other words condoms shall be stored without the risk of a change in quality.

♥ Size matters
Contrary to widespread conviction, size matters. Especially when choosing condoms. If we do not select the right size, there is a high probability of feeling discomfort during sexual intercourse, and the condom will squeeze too much, slip off or break. The packaging describes the measures of the condoms. If you wonder what your size or size of your partner is - you can measure the penis in an erectile state by placing the centimeter at the base and pointing towards the head of the penis.

♥  How to open the packaging
Do NOT cut the package and do NOT open it with teeth! This can damage the condom. Open it with hands, on the jagged side of the pack, best not at the end. Be careful not to stretch the packaging, scratch it with your nails, and so on.

How to put a condom
Many times, due to ignorance, problems are encountered during the placement and often during the intercourse. How to put a condom properly?

- Once the condom has been pulled out, it is placed on the already ERECTED penis.

- Ensure that the reservoir comes out nicely, so that it keeps the sperm inside

- When you put it on the head of the penis, you have to squeeze the reservoir with two fingers (to get the air out) and keep it until you wind up the condom all the way.

What lubricant to use
Both the lack of a lubricant and the use of a poor quality lubricant or ointment that changes the quality of the latex condom can lead to tears and unpleasant consequences. Use:

ONLY LUBRICANTS, which explicitly state that they do not damage latex condoms such as water based lubricants, for example.

Saliva and the natural humidity of intimate zones DO NOT spoil condom, on the contrary - the more the lubricant, the less rubbing and the possibility of tearing.